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生活中不是缺少美,而是缺少了一些去發現美的眼睛。只要細細地去品味生活,就會捕捉到許多生活中的美。下面是本站為大家整理的2020暑假結束了英語作文 ,供大家參考。


  Times flys. My summer holiday is coming to the end. My holiday is just so so. It is not too much difference as before. At the biginning of the vacation, I was doing my homework. After all, study comes first. After I finished my homework, it was almost the end of July. It is the time for me to help my family for harvest. It is so tired to to the farm work. Howevr, being a member of our family, I have to give a hand. Watching the achievement, I felt proud though I just help a little. After finished the farm work, I found myself become much more tan. Who cares! It was my happy time, when I finished all the things. I went out with my friends almost everyday. Sometimes we played games or sport or went hiking. Sometimes we went shopping in the evening for the sun is too heavy in the daytime. We felt uncomfortable. But now there are two days left before the school opening time. So I have to stay at home for a good rest to store energy for my study. Everything is so perfect. It is 11 o'clock. I think I have to say good ninght now.



  Summer holiday is from July to August .It ' s a long time for me to do all kinds of things . I like visiting some places of

  interest . And I like travelling by train . It takes me too much time , but it saves money .Sometimes I stay at home and do

  my homework , sometimes I help my parents do some house work. When my parents are free , we often go to the park or

  the zoo , and we have a good time there . I have a good summer holiday .



  This year, I spent in the country one of the most steal fast summer vacation. Summer village is so charming: during the day, a profusion of garden flowers, bees flying butterfly dance, cicadas ups and downs; In the evening, lotus pond, fluorescent flashing, pre-pubescent. Here is the interesting things had happened to my lifetime.

  One day, after breakfast, I and the ping ping, xiaoyan, lingling rubber band skipping under the tree. Suddenly, a little brother comes up to the ping ping said: "elder sister, there are many beans on DaoChang. We can pick up to fry them." Is jumping up on the ping ping, hear the word of the younger brother said happily: "go, friends, we went to DaoChang." Everyone ran to the DaoChang, see there are a lot of golden bean dregs, we squatted down without hesitation, use hand pull open the ash, with soybean. You to pick up the beans an a on a pinched off the handle on the lotus leaf, when slag heap is not a beans, the ping ping then stood up and said to you: "brother, you go home bring matches, aluminum bowl and spoon, xiaoyan to find two brick to..." Before finish the ping ping, lingling pointed at me said: "both of us to pick up sticks."